1. Republic 50 – This prestigious event was co-hosted by us along with the Central Govt  in the yeare 2001 on account of  the 50th anniversary of Indian republic day.This event was hosted across all prime centers in  Maharashtra.
2. Rashtra-vandana -  an national and cultural event  hosted by us in 2006 to espouse patriotic feelings and to commemorate national heroes.

Kokam sammelan -  an cultural and  literature festival for people who use   konkani ,kannadi or  marathi as their  mother tongue language,this event  was held  in 1983.

4. Turmeric patent  programme with Dr Masilker -  This event was conducted in the year 1986 to felicitate Dr Masilker who patented Turmeric plant
5. Ayurvedic medical plant workshop - A workshop on identification of various  Medicinal plants was held in mumbai