Media is an essential pillar of a democratic society and we have been the brick in this pillar since 1948.

Our print publications

Vivek saptahik - our popular weekly news and editorial magazine having readership of 65000 per month

Jyeshta parva - our quarterly magazine catering senior citizens & their welfare which has readership base of over 10000 senior citizens

Vaidya raaj – our quarterly magazine based on medical welfare through ayurveda which has a subscription of over 12000 readers

Our popular publications
1. babashaeb

Sangharsh mahamanvcha- a book on DR Babasaheb Ambedhkar


2. kalamji Mazhi Jivan Yatra – a book on the life of popular Ex. President of India - Mr. A. P. J. Kalam
3. swamiji Seva grantha – a book on the social service work being done by Shri Sathya Sai Baba trust
4. atalji Rashtra ratna Atalji- A book on the life of Ex.Prime Minister of India-Mr.A.B. Vajpayee
5. great Samrastechya vatavaer – a book on social harmony
6. Vande maataram chi aatmakatha – Biography of India’s National song
7. Ek hota raja- a book on indigenous folk tales for childrens
8. Bharatiya jalkrantiche padhchinhe- a book on the water revolution sucess story which occured in India


Kruitiroop samrusta-A book on the various large scale social work done by nationalistic organisations
10. Maze maher pandhari – a book on the holy city of Pandherpur , and describing the bi-annual pilgrimage which happens in this holy city
11. USA Jevha gulam manus hoto – a book on the life of Mr Booker .T.Washington
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