Current Projects
Yuva telescope - This in an yearly popular event for students which is held across various universities in Maharashtra.This project aims to shape the skills and career prospect of the thousand of students who participate in this event .Through these various events the students get more familiarized with Globalization trends and accurate expertise is also given them to choose their future academic fields. This mass event also provides them guidance about future job prospects and also encourages them to become entrepreneurs.
Children welfare center - Our trust runs 10 children welfare centers for underprivileged children’s in Mumbai and in Thane district which serves more than 10000 childrens.
Senior citizen welfare forum - A total of 4 events are held in an year having participation of over 2000 senior citizens, and to have a larger reach we have also partnered with FOSCOM [Federation of Senior Citizen of Maharashtra] thus having a database of over 1 lakhs senior citizens in Maharashtra alone.
Ayurvedic Medical Foundation – A total of 4 events are held in an year having participation of over 2500 people from all age groups We invite people having great expertise in ayurvedic field who are ready to serve the needy on compassionate grounds.
Literature reference center in Mumbai - Our mission to work for educational causes led to the set up literature reference centre in Elphistone rd [Mumbai] on 1995 and now it has an collection of over 2000 books which are made available to all the citizens
Upcoming projects
Beggars rehabilitation programme - A project to rehabilitate half a million beggars from Mumbai city -
Education Under Construction - A project to educate the children's of construction workers at the building project site itself
Hosting the Millennium development goal summit with WFUNA - We will be partnering organization this United Nations youth summit in November 2008-Mumbai -